The final of the 2018 Qilu University of Technology (Shandong Academy of Sciences) undergraduate mechanical and electrical product innovation design (including industrial design) competition was successfully concluded

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It is sponsored by academic affairs office, student office and Youth League Committee of the University, and undertaken by College of mechanical and automotive engineering two hundred and one eight Qilu University of Technology (Shandong Academy of Sciences) College Students' mechanical and electrical product innovation design (including industrial design) competition final, in December 20, 2017 A successful conclusion.

After the preliminaries, the 35 works were selected for the final. The theme of the competition is "pay attention to people's livelihood and beautiful homeland". Students give full play to their fantastic ideas. In the process of mechanical and electrical product design and manufacturing, adhering to the development concept of "innovation, coordination, green, open and sharing", the competition realizes the deep integration and integration of mechanical manufacturing technology and information technology, intelligent technology, material technology, energy-saving technology, ergonomics, etc, Innovative design to meet the needs of modern production and life, efficient and green new machines and tools, new products, new processes, and promote the leap forward upgrading of the manufacturing industry. After a wonderful defense, the school competition awarded 4 first prizes, 6 second prizes and 9 third prizes. Excellent works will be recommended for the first ten days of May 2018 The 15th Shandong undergraduate mechanical and electrical product innovation design competition

Through the innovative design competition of mechanical and electrical products of college students, the innovative consciousness and team spirit of college students are effectively cultivated; The comprehensive design ability and engineering practice ability are improved; To promote the combination of theoretical knowledge and practical practice of college students; It improves the students' practical working ability of mechanical design and process production through innovative thinking. At the same time, the competition can attract, encourage and stimulate the majority of students to actively participate in extracurricular scientific and technological activities, creating conditions for outstanding talents to stand out.


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