Our school was approved as provincial public training base of new and old kinetic energy conversion industry (special) in intelligent manufacturing

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Recently, Shandong Economic and Information Commission and Shandong Provincial Department of Finance issued a document In the list of public training bases of Shandong provincial new and old kinetic energy conversion industry (special) in 2018, the "intelligent manufacturing public training base" declared by the University (Academy of Sciences) is listed among them.

During the period, the school of mechanical and automotive engineering cooperated with Shandong mechanical design and Research Institute, and combined with Shandong Haomai technology, Shandong Shanda Huatian software, Qingdao Baojia automation company and other typical enterprises and demonstration enterprises of intelligent manufacturing integrated application in the province, gave full play to their own advantages, actively looked for opportunities for the integration of science and education, followed the pace of the transformation of new and old kinetic energy, and discussed in depth It has been demonstrated repeatedly, focusing on the five new modes of intelligent manufacturing and The construction of training bases in the four fields of "intelligent equipment, intelligent technology, intelligent products and intelligent services" will provide strong support for the development of intelligent manufacturing specialty and personnel training.

It is reported that the provincial economic and Information Commission and the Provincial Department of Finance organized the construction of provincial public training bases for the conversion of new and old kinetic energy industries (special projects) in Shandong Province The provincial government will allocate special funds for the construction of the base. Ten public training bases have been approved and constructed in the province. On the premise of meeting their own training needs, the training base will actively undertake social public welfare projects and provide talent guarantee for speeding up the transformation of new and old kinetic energy in our province.


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