The defense of graduation thesis (graduation project) of 2020 undergraduate in our college has been successfully completed

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six month one day -11 School of mechanical and automotive engineering, Japan two thousand and twenty The oral defense meeting of undergraduate thesis (graduation project) was held successfully six Professional six hundred and ninety-five Students participated in the defense. six hundred and forty-two Students' first defense passed smoothly fifty-three Students participated in the second defense, and all of them passed the defense successfully. eight Japan and Japan nine Each department conducted an excellent defense and selected the outstanding students of the graduation project. eleven In the end, the college organized the selection and defense of excellent graduation thesis eleven Students were selected.

For the first time, the defense was conducted in the way of online cloud defense. Before the defense, the college shall establish a defense committee nineteen There are defense teams. Before the defense, all groups earnestly implement the software debugging preparation work according to the unified requirements of the college. The Defense Secretary of each group conducted software test on each student in the group, explained the defense requirements, and collected and distributed the student materials to each teacher.

Students who participate in the oral defense will share the screen to show their defense PPT This paper discusses the purpose and background of the topic, the method and significance of the research. The judges meticulously corrected the mistakes in the papers for the students. In the questioning process, the judges not only raised questions about the content of the paper, but also criticized and corrected the format of the paper. In view of the problems raised by the teachers, the students realized their shortcomings, gained new knowledge and inspiration, and made serious revisions after the defense.

Mechanical college has always attached great importance to the graduation thesis work, strict quality control, from the topic selection to the final defense, every link strict We should pay attention to the cultivation of students' ability to discover, analyze and solve problems. This thesis defense not only reflects our college attaches great importance to the cultivation of undergraduates, but also shows the graduates' high theoretical quality and comprehensive quality. For them, their college career in Qilu University of technology has come to an end. From the beginning of the paper conception to many modifications, the graduation thesis (Design) is a satisfactory answer paper handed over by them in the four years of University. Finally, I would like to express my thanks to all the teachers who have carefully reviewed and patiently pointed out their contributions.



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