The students of our University (College) have made great achievements in the intelligent manufacturing competition of college students in Shandong Province

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two thousand and twenty year nine month twenty-six day —27 The 12th Shandong University Student Science and Technology Festival ——“ Xinghui cup Shandong intelligent manufacturing competition and Qilu university robot competition were held in Jinan University. This intelligent manufacturing competition is sponsored by Shandong Association for science and technology, Shandong Provincial Department of education, Shandong Provincial Committee of the Communist Youth League, Shandong Provincial Development and Reform Commission, Shandong Provincial Economic and Information Commission, Shandong human resources and social security department, and undertaken by Jinan University, Jinan science and Technology Association and Jinan mechanical engineering society.

Competition set up robot arena competition, robot lifting, robot handling competition and other competitive events twenty-five Four teams participated in the robot arena competition, robot weightlifting competition, robot handling, robot physical performance display SolidWorks 3D modeling, mechanical drawing recognition and CAD The competition of innovative design and other projects shows the students' solid knowledge and practical ability. Our school (College) won the first prize in this competition five Second prize nine Third prize eleven Event, a new record in the history of competition.




This competition provides a practical platform for selecting innovative technical talents in intelligent manufacturing engineering by guiding college students to learn new knowledge, master new technologies and new skills, cultivate students' engineering literacy, innovative design ability, scientific and technological research and practice ability. In the next step, the University (College) will continue to solidly polish the project, make persistent efforts, and strive to achieve better results in the competition.

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