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Liu Zheng of our college won the prize at the international society of Applied Mechanics conference

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Recently, Liu Zheng, a graduate student of our college, held a seminar in the international society of applied mechanics《 International Conference on Frontiers in Applied Mechanics 》At the conference, it stood out among many competing students and won the best student Poster Award, won honor for the school.

International Conference on Frontiers in Applied Mechanics 》The conference is an internationally recognized and influential international conference on mechanics. In order to honor young students at home and abroad who have made outstanding contributions in the field of mechanics, each Congress is set up five Best student Poster Award, the best student of the conference Poster The awards were awarded to Peking University, Tsinghua University, Xi'an Jiaotong University and Dalian University of technology four Liu Zheng, a doctoral student and a student of Qilu University of technology, was the only one who won a master's degree in this conference.

Liu Zheng is our hospital two thousand and eighteen The tutor is Professor Wei Gaofeng. Liu Zheng is mainly engaged in the research of meshless method for functionally graded materials, and has completed the research on elastic mechanics, geometric nonlinearity and elastoplasticity of functionally graded materials. stay Well known international journals Applied Mathematical Modelling 》( JCR Area 1, IF=3.633 )、《 International Journal of Mechanics and Materials in Design 》( JCR Area 1, IF=3.48 )、《 Results in Physics 》( JCR Area 1, IF=4.019 )、《 Engineering Analysis with Boundary Elements 》( JCR Area 1, IF=2.884 )、《 International Journal of Applied Mechanics 》( JCR Zone 2, IF=2.449 two The paper was published as the first author six The total influence factors were as follows eighteen point nine

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