Notice on holding 2022 Qilu University of Technology (Shandong Academy of Sciences) undergraduate mechanical and electrical product innovation design competition

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In order to strengthen the cultivation of College Students' innovative consciousness, practical ability and cooperative spirit, promote the organic combination of basic knowledge and comprehensive ability, theory and practice, and enhance the innovation and practical ability and employment competitiveness of college students, the "about the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China on the implementation of the National People's Congress of the Communist Party of China on the promotion of university students' innovation awareness, practical ability and cooperation spirit, promote the( two thousand and twenty-two Shandong college students' mechanical and electrical product innovation design competition and the 10th National College Students' mechanical innovation design competition Shandong competition area preliminary competition notice, after research, our university will hold “2022 Qilu University of Technology (Shandong Academy of Sciences) undergraduate mechanical and electrical product innovation design competition (hereinafter referred to as the competition), the relevant matters are hereby notified as follows:

    1、 Competition theme and content

    The theme of the national undergraduate mechanical innovation design competition is as follows:

Theme: nature and harmony

one National college students mechanical innovation content: the content is Design and production  1 )Mechanical products that imitate the movement form and functional characteristics of natural animals (referred to as bionic machinery); two )Mechanical devices for natural ecological restoration, including wind break and sand fixation, vegetation restoration and purification of marine pollutants (hereinafter referred to as ecological restoration machinery)

two Design and manufacture of new mechanical and electrical products in daily production and life.

three Corporate scholarship theme.

2、 Entry requirements

    1. Participants: all undergraduate students;

    2. For individual registration or group registration, the number of group members shall not exceed five The number of instructors shall not be more than two In order to ensure the quality of guidance, each instructor should not have more than one project two Items;

    3. The participants are required to love research, invention, hardworking and have strong practical ability;

    4. Students with novel and unique creative topics are preferred;

    5. The title should be fully demonstrated, closely related to the theme, focusing on innovation, science and feasibility, avoiding blind declaration.

    3、 Work form

    The entries are in the form of physical prototype or retractable prototype, which are specifically divided into national competition theme group, undergraduate group, industrial design group, Huiyu special group and enterprise theme group. The specific forms of each group are shown in the relevant subject notification documents.

    4、 Competition organization

    The deadline for preliminary registration is: two thousand and twenty-one year twelve month fifteen day sixteen Point.

    2021 year twelve month sixteen The project review of the preliminary competition stage will be started on July 1, and experts will be organized to review and screen all the declared projects.

    The projects entering the final stage are two thousand and twenty-two year 01 There will be first prize, second prize and third prize. According to the final results, the list of the provincial competition events will be determined in the form of difference, and the funds will be guaranteed ; According to the final production of the work, it is recommended to participate in the 19th session( two thousand and twenty-two Shandong college students' innovative design competition of mechanical and electrical products.

    5、 Registration method

    1. Team or individual registration is acceptable. Participants can be combined across disciplines. For team applicants, please indicate in the file name.

    2. Please pack the electronic draft of application materials in the form of compressed document (see the following notice for the format), file name: name of competition project + Instructor + Student name (team / After being reviewed by the instructor, the instructor will send it to email: , students sent directly will not be accepted.

    6、 Precautions

    1. The project must be closely related to the theme;

    2. Students can go to the teacher to direct the design;

    3. Reference website:

    4. Contact person: Mr. Zhang, Tel: thirteen billion eight hundred and fifty-three million one hundred and fifty-seven thousand six hundred and twenty-three

    5. The contact information in the summary table is the contact information of team leader and non instructor;

    6. In order to facilitate communication, students can join two thousand and twenty-two Mechanical and electrical products competition QQ Group: eight hundred and sixty-two million eight hundred and sixty-four thousand three hundred and fifty-four


Notice on holding the preliminary competition of the 19th Shandong college students' mechanical and electrical products innovative design competition and the 10th National College Students' Mechanical Innovation Design Competition (1) pdf

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