Mechanical Engineering Department to carry out fire drill in Changqing campus in 2021

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In order to further strengthen the safety education work of the Department and improve the students' ability of emergency fire fighting and disposal, twelve month one In the afternoon of June, the Department of mechanical engineering organized teachers and students in Changqing campus 5# Fire drill activities and fire knowledge popularization activities were carried out in the apartment two thousand and twenty-one Students of grade 1 participated in the activity.

The drill is divided into three parts: fire escape, fire extinguisher training and fire knowledge popularization. At the beginning of the drill, as the simulated smoke hit, all students covered their mouths and noses with wet towels, bent over and trotted, orderly and quickly evacuating the dormitory building in accordance with the designated direction. After the evacuation, the number of students in each class was counted, and all students arrived at the safe place on time. Then the student union leader began to explain how to use the fire extinguisher Usage: lift, pull, hold, pair, spray, and lead all students to practice. Finally, the college teachers led us to learn some fire safety knowledge, and warned everyone to strengthen the awareness of fire prevention and keep the alarm bell ringing.

This fire drill provides students with a simulated actual combat training, so that students personally experience the danger of fire, enhance the awareness of prevention, improve students' ability to deal with fire, and help to build a harmonious and stable campus environment.

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