Health knowledge lecture on AIDS prevention and treatment in Mechanical Engineering Department

Publisher: Ma Jing     Release time: December 3, 2021     Number of visits: ten

In memory of thirty-four World AIDS Day, to enhance the majority of young students on AIDS awareness, effective prevention of AIDS, twelve month one Our department is in three Teaching building No.1 B125 Health knowledge lectures on AIDS prevention and treatment were conducted by Ma Jing and Qu Shuangmei.

First of all, our department organized and distributed the AIDS prevention and education manual, so that students have a preliminary understanding of AIDS prevention and control. Then, Qu Shuangmei gave a brief introduction to the transmission direction, treatment and prevention measures of AIDS, and through two AIDS prevention videos, students can have a more comprehensive understanding of HIV and AIDS HIV Viruses. She called on students to improve their awareness of AIDS prevention, maintain good habits, try to avoid blood infection in life, strengthen self-protection ability, and at the same time, do not be too nervous, not afraid of, not discriminating against people living with AIDS. In recent years, the number of young students infected with AIDS is on the rise. She hopes that students can actively learn AIDS prevention knowledge, self-esteem and self-respect, away from bad habits, and make contributions to creating a clean, healthy, safe and harmonious campus environment.

This activity strengthened the students' understanding of AIDS, promoted the extensive and in-depth development of AIDS prevention and control in the whole hospital, and created a healthy, civilized and upward campus cultural atmosphere.

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