Department of mechanical engineering held a meeting to promote study style

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twelve month two On the afternoon of June, in the electromechanical building B401 Mechanical Engineering Department 2021-2022 In the first semester of the academic year, the Association for promoting the style of study was successfully held. Ma Jing, Secretary of the Youth League Committee of the Ministry of education, and Wang Ling, a teacher of the Youth League Committee, attended the meeting, two thousand and twenty-one The meeting was presided over by Mei Xingheng, the teacher of the Youth League Committee.

At the learning style promotion meeting, Mei Xingheng gave a detailed introduction to this activity. He asked college students to keep their own work, correctly understand the value of learning, clarify the direction and goal of learning, create a good learning atmosphere, maintain the attitude of lifelong learning, and accomplish the four-year academic planning of University in a down-to-earth manner. Wang Ling read out the list of the students who got excellent results in the mid-term examination, and encouraged all the students to find out the position and gap, make a good plan for the final examination, and strive to achieve excellent results.

Ma Jing made a summary speech on this student construction activity. She said that a good style of study is the basis for improving the quality of talent training and the guarantee for establishing the correct three outlooks. All students should be benchmarked first-class and forge ahead bravely, Make full use of school (College) resources, constantly improve their own quality. She put forward three requirements for all the students participating in the meeting. First, they should stand in the service of the country's development and contribute their youth strength, and combine their personal growth and success with the development of the country and the needs of society. Second, we should lay a solid foundation for our own success in learning and practice, and in the new journey of the University, we should achieve the integration of learning, thinking and application, knowledge, faith and practice Unity, in learning and practice to constantly improve themselves. Third, we should pay attention to the cultivation of comprehensive quality, give full play to our own advantages, actively participate in all kinds of scientific and cultural activities organized by schools (colleges) and academic departments, and advocate healthy learning and living styles.

The construction of study style is the basis of College Students' education management and the cornerstone of improving teaching quality. In the future, the Ministry of education will pay more attention to the cultivation of students' habits, so as to promote the progress and improvement of the style of study.

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