"One two nine walking" activity in Caishi campus of Mechanical Engineering Department

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In order to commemorate the "12.9" patriotic movement, carry forward the spirit of patriotism, and stimulate patriotic enthusiasm. twelve month nine On the morning of June, in Caishi campus, the mechanical engineering department held the One, two, nine Walking activity.

morning seven Students gather in front of the flag pole in class. Under the leadership of Wang rongqiang, a teacher of the Youth League Committee, they started from the square and circled the campus. Under the national flag fluttering with the wind, the mechanical students are all in high spirits, valiant and valiant, their steps are sonorous and powerful, and the five-star red flag is blooming on the smiling faces. They completely forget the cold weather, and have no choice but to cherish the memory of the revolutionary ancestors and carry forward the patriotic spirit of "December 9". The students were in good order and kept discipline. They really realized the theme of reviewing the revolutionary history and bearing in mind the mission.

Through this activity, the The spirit of "one, two, nine" promotes college students' deep understanding One, two, nine The sports connotation, strengthened the students' patriotism enthusiasm, causes everybody to throw into the study life with the better spirit outlook.

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