Mechanical Engineering Department participated in the "12.9" winter long distance race

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twelve month nine In order to commemorate the winter long-distance race held by Qilu University of Technology (Shandong Academy of Sciences) in the stadium of Changqing campus on Sunday afternoon one or two · nine Students' Patriotic Movement guides college students to remember history and inherit patriotism in the new era. Mechanical engineering department actively responds to the call of the University, organizes students to participate in long-distance race and obtains excellent results.

At two o'clock in the afternoon, with the order of the referee, the long-distance race began. In line with the competition principle of "friendship first, competition second", the students try their best to be the first. The audience cheered enthusiastically, and the team members were enthusiastic. The hot atmosphere on the scene infected and warmed the cold winter of Jinan. The athletes in our department have achieved excellent results through hard work and sweat. Among them, machinery 19-1 Tang Xinli, machinery (China and Germany) 20-2 Li Hao won the third and sixth place respectively in the male group 21-1 Xu Haoran, material control 21-2 Sun Yongting won the third and fifth place respectively in the female group.

Active participation“ twelve point nine ”Long distance running is an important measure to cultivate good exercise habits and improve physical quality of mechanical students. It is also to remember those patriotic young people who went through fire and water to resist Japan and save the nation 86 years ago. The students who participated in the competition said that they were greatly encouraged. In the future study and life, they should strengthen their ideals and beliefs, set lofty goals in life, and actively forge ahead to be a qualified new youth in the new era.

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