Our institute holds lectures on innovation and Entrepreneurship

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eleven month twelve A series of employment creation activities were held in the mechanical and electrical building B217 The classroom is carried out in the form of offline teaching. The theme of this issue is "innovation and entrepreneurship", and the speaker is song Kaiyu, deputy secretary of the Party committee of the Institute of machinery.

Song Kaiyu's program is more focused, more comprehensive and more efficient. He hopes to plant the seeds of innovation and entrepreneurship for the students, so as to take root and bear fruit. This paper describes the experience of guiding the student team to participate in the college students' innovation and entrepreneurship competition, and tells the students that innovation and entrepreneurship need to keep pace with the times and constantly explore in order to move forward bravely. This paper explains the basic logic of enterprise management and the concept of marketing, and helps students deepen their understanding of integrated marketing and brand significance.

Song Kaiyu hopes that students will continue to cultivate their innovation and entrepreneurship ability and improve their comprehensive quality in the learning process. He put forward two hopes: to cherish the motherland, strive to broaden the vision, adhere to the "original intention" of mass entrepreneurship and innovation; We should be honest in scientific research, be determined to serve the country in scientific research, and maintain the "modesty" of mass entrepreneurship and innovation.

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