Our institute holds online training on Entrepreneurship

Publisher: Ma Jing     Release time: December 14, 2021     Number of visits: twenty-seven

In order to improve students' understanding of innovation and entrepreneurship and promote their ability to improve, two thousand and twenty-one year eleven month five Solstice twelve At the end of the month, the College of mechanical engineering and the website platform of the United science and Technology Park Co., Ltd. launched the entrepreneurship online training course of the College of mechanical engineering. This course is from Shandong Province SYB Hu Shunbo, the authorized lecturer of the course, attended the online training for more than 100 students.

This course tells students how to train entrepreneurial thinking and entrepreneurial skills from two aspects of entrepreneurial awareness and entrepreneurial plan. From judging whether they are suitable for starting a business or not, to starting an enterprise, the students all said that through this training, they learned a lot about entrepreneurship.

The smooth development of this activity not only shows the college's support for entrepreneurial activities and the corresponding policies, but also broadens students' horizons and improves their entrepreneurial ability.

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