The second stage of innovation and entrepreneurship lecture hall of Mechanical Engineering Department

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In order to enhance students' understanding of innovation and entrepreneurship events and related knowledge, and help students understand the organic transformation process from scientific research achievements to entrepreneurial projects, the mechanical engineering department has established a new model for the innovation and entrepreneurship competition eleven month one The second phase of the innovation and entrepreneurship lecture hall was held on July 1.

This activity is divided into two parts: the main carrier of College Students' innovation and entrepreneurship activities and the innovation and entrepreneurship activities. At the beginning of the activity, in order to make students have a clearer understanding of College Students' innovation and entrepreneurship activities, Wei xuchuang explained the concept of innovation and Entrepreneurship with students; And entrepreneurship is to realize the value of the good achievements of innovation. When introducing the three major events of innovation and entrepreneurship, the key steps and core elements of participating in "Internet +" and "Challenge Cup" are described in detail based on the experience of excellent teams. He put forward the unique views of "the number of participants as the basis, incentive mechanism as the driving force, centralized counseling as the key, and financial preparation as the guarantee". He encouraged students to dare to try, be good at discovering innovation opportunities, and constantly improve their entrepreneurial ability.

This activity is not only conducive to stimulate students' interest in the three major events of innovation and entrepreneurship, to pave the way for students to participate in relevant competitions in the future, but also to encourage students to participate in large-scale innovation projects and contribute to the construction of research-oriented colleges.

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