Mechanical engineering department holds regular meeting of head teacher

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In order to ensure the safety of students and campus during the period of epidemic prevention and control, and implement the precautions and arrangements at the end of semester and during holidays, the mechanical engineering department made a twelve month sixteen In the teaching building No.3 this afternoon A Seat two hundred and seventeen Hold a class teacher's regular meeting. Attending the meeting were Liu long, deputy secretary of the Party committee of the mechanical engineering department, Ma Jing, Secretary of the Youth League Committee, and all class teachers. The meeting was presided over by Ma Jing, Secretary of the Youth League Committee.

Ma Jing has made detailed arrangements for the work of the class teacher in the near future. Near the end of the term, he asked the class teacher to hold a class meeting, emphasizing the four aspects of work: examination style and discipline, vacation time arrangement, orderly leave and holiday safety, and promotion of employment in graduation class, so as to ensure that the majority of students can spend a safe, substantial, harmonious and meaningful new year's day, winter holiday and Spring Festival.

Then, Liu long put forward several requirements for the work of the head teacher: first, teachers should adhere to moral education as the center of education, to make students firm ideals and beliefs, establish a correct world outlook, outlook on life and values. Second, teachers should strengthen communication with students, guide students to do a good job in the university career planning, participate in student competitions during the University, and smoothly achieve the goal of postgraduate entrance examination and employment. Third, the safety of students should be put in the first place at any time. In addition to routine safety work such as epidemic prevention, dormitory, network and traffic, attention should also be paid to students' mental health, so as to solve the problems of special groups of students. He expressed the hope that all the head teachers would work together to ensure the smooth, orderly and safe work of the students in the Department.

The meeting further clarified the work objectives and direction of the next stage of the head teacher, strengthened the management and service consciousness of the head teacher, and laid a solid foundation for the effective implementation of various work of the Department.

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