Mechanical engineering department carries out party member dormitory listing activities

Publisher: Ma Jing     Release time: December 17, 2021     Number of visits: ten

In order to further strengthen the party spirit consciousness of student party members, give full play to the vanguard and exemplary role of student party members, and implement the deployment of "double leaders and double demonstration" activities of student party members. I am in charge of twelve month sixteen The Party member's listing activity was carried out in the student's apartment. The activity was led by Liu long, deputy secretary of the Party committee of the mechanical engineering department, Ma Jing, Secretary of the Youth League Committee, and MI Liqian, Qu Shuangmei and Mei Xingheng, teachers of the Youth League Committee, attended the activity.

First of all, secretary Liu long led a team to visit all student party members' dormitories and affirmed their efforts in dormitory work. He said that student party members need to start from the details, examine themselves and set a good example. He hoped that student party members should bear in mind their party members' identity, not only to play a leading role in the dormitory, but also to enhance their innovative spirit and practical ability, learn all kinds of knowledge conscientiously and improve their knowledge literacy in an all-round way. To become the all-round development of high-quality talents needed by the party and the people. Subsequently, the teachers of the Youth League Committee also put forward to the student party members the requirements of adhering to the fine style of work and adhering to the communist faith. Finally, the teacher and the party members completed the listing and took a group photo together.

The development of this activity reflects the Department's emphasis on the comprehensive development of student party members, which is more conducive to give full play to the vanguard and exemplary role of student party members and further enhance the sense of responsibility of student party members.

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