The 17th "dormitory culture festival" of Mechanical Engineering Department

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twelve month sixteen The closing ceremony of the 17th Dormitory Culture Festival and apartment safety activity month was held in the report hall on the first floor of the office building. Kong Fanfan, deputy director of the student Department of the University (College), Wu Xiaobing, Secretary of the Party committee of the Ministry of education, attended the closing ceremony two thousand and twenty-one The key students and the representatives of award-winning students attended the closing ceremony. The closing ceremony was presided over by Liu long, deputy secretary of the Party committee and Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission.

The closing ceremony opened with a wonderful "dormitory culture festival" and safety activity month work display propaganda film. The participating teachers and students watched the propaganda film and reviewed the wonderful moments of the activity.

Kong Fanfan read out the list of winners of the "dormitory culture festival" activity, and presented the honorary certificates to the winners together with the guests.

Wu Xiaobing made a summary speech, he briefly reviewed the current "dormitory culture festival" and apartment safety activities month series of activities, congratulated the success of the event, affirmed the team of students and cadres who organized and organized the activities diligently, and congratulated the collective and individual who won the honor in various activities. Wu Xiaobing pointed out that education is the foundation and moral education is the first. In the teaching system of higher education, as an important place for students to study and live, an important position for ideological and political education, and the second classroom for cultural education, its moral education function should bear the brunt, especially the construction of dormitory culture is the carrier and breakthrough of promoting moral education. In the construction of dormitory culture, we should innovate the construction mechanism of dormitory culture and build a civilized and harmonious education front. One is to strengthen the construction of dormitory safety culture through improving the system. The system is not only binding, but also leading. We should improve the dormitory safety system, and educate students to consciously accept the norms, constraints and guidance of the system, Abide by the school (hospital) standardized epidemic prevention and control management regulations, strictly abide by the bottom line of dormitory water and electricity safety. Second, through Party member demonstration to lead the construction of dormitory culture and discipline and health culture. We should adhere to the global construction layout, establish a grid management system, employ excellent college student party members as community grid members, and form a strong grid health discipline management through Party member demonstration power. Third, strengthen humanistic care by creating a warm environment. Humanistic care is the starting point to strengthen the ideological and political work in college dormitories. We should diversify and diversify dormitory cultural activities, attract more students to join the dormitory culture construction, and build a new pattern of "three aspects of education" for all staff, the whole process and all-round.

Wu Xiaobing pointed out that the dormitory culture festival is coming to an end, but our enthusiasm for construction can not be reduced. In the next step, the mechanical engineering department will pay more attention to the cultural construction and safety awareness cultivation of College Students' dormitories based on moral education, and gradually change the dormitory from "residential" to "community-based", so that the "dormitory" will become an important place for college students to carry out ideological and political education, participate in the hidden classroom of social interaction, and strengthen peer mutual assistance, The real realization of community "one-stop" service function has become a new carrier to further promote the modernization of university governance system.

It is reported that this dormitory culture festival from eleven month fifteen The day begins, twelve month twelve The event was successfully concluded for a total of four Week. Among them, registered micro film works sixteen Pieces, talent exhibition works seventeen Articles forty-five Chapter, star class dormitory evaluation thirty-six In addition, there are two hundred More than one person participated in the offline apartment safety knowledge competition and safety education training activities. The apartment culture construction and apartment safety education showed characteristics and achieved remarkable results.

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