Mechanical Engineering Department held the theme meeting of "strict discipline and integrity examination" in Caishi Campus

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In order to build and maintain the fine style of study characterized by diligence, preciseness, realism and innovation, and to rectify the examination discipline and style, twelve month twenty-one In the conference room of the main building of Caishi campus, the mechanical engineering department held the theme meeting of "strict discipline and integrity examination". Liu long, deputy secretary of the Party committee of the school department, and Wang rongqiang, teacher of the Youth League Committee of the school department, attended the meeting two thousand and twenty-one The meeting was presided over by Ma Jing, Secretary of the Youth League Committee.

At the meeting, Liu long made a key explanation on professional learning and final exam preparation. He stressed that we should correct our thinking, be positive and take study seriously, especially the study of professional knowledge. Ma Jing stressed the importance of examination style and discipline. She asked the students to treat the final examination correctly, review carefully and actively prepare for the examination. She also made the students realize the serious consequences of violating the examination discipline through real cases, urged them to overcome the fluke mentality, consciously abide by the rules of the examination room, consciously maintain the examination style and discipline, and jointly create a good examination atmosphere. At the end of the meeting, the students said that they would strictly abide by the school rules and regulations, get good grades by relying on their own strength, set up a school with integrity, and take an honest examination. They also signed the letter of commitment for the integrity examination one after another.

The holding of this education conference further guided students to deeply understand the importance of integrity test, and established the concept of integrity test. I believe that in the coming final exam, students can take a positive attitude, integrity test, and create good results.

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