The Department of mechanical engineering held the theme activity of "warm winter solstice, warm dumplings" in Caishi campus

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"Winter solstice as big as the year, the world small reunion.". The winter solstice is one of the 24 solar terms in China, and it is also an important traditional festival in China. twelve month twenty-one On the afternoon of May, the theme activity of "warm winter solstice, warm dumplings" was held in Caishi campus. Liu long, deputy secretary of the Party committee of the school, Ma Jing, Secretary of the Youth League Committee, Wang rongqiang, teacher of the Youth League Committee, and students from Caishi campus got together as scheduled.

A thin layer of skin, the practice of ever-changing, wrapped up the delicious flavor of fragrance, infiltrated the yearning for a better life. At about 3:00 p.m., the students and teachers gathered in the dining hall to work together and cooperate with each other. In the lively atmosphere, the dumpling making activity officially started. The activities of mixing noodles, mixing stuffing, rolling skin, making dumplings and boiling dumplings are warm and orderly, and the hearts of teachers and students are warm. With the curtain down at night, plates of hot dumplings are also served on the table. Teachers and students sit together to exchange hometown customs and taste delicious fruits, which is quite "home".

Although the level of dumplings is uneven and the shape of dumplings is various, the activity process is full of laughter and excitement. The theme education activities promoted the communication between teachers and students, enhanced the feelings between teachers and students, enriched and flourished the campus cultural life, and showed the atmosphere of unity, harmony and love of "mechanical family".

Although jiaozi has already entered the stomach, the friendship between teachers and students still exists. In the next step, the Department will pay more attention to the humanistic care and emotional cultivation of students, adhere to the correct guidance, hold colorful friendship theme activities, attract more teachers and students to join in the cultural construction of the school (College), and promote the comprehensive, prosperous and sustainable development of the Department!

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