Labor union of mechanical engineering department holds interesting dumpling competition

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In order to carry forward China's traditional festival culture and enrich the cultural life of the majority of employees, twelve month twenty-one On March, the labor union of the Ministry of Education held an interesting dumpling competition in the canteen of the Machinery Research Institute. Xu Chonghai, director of Mechanical Engineering Department, and other leaders attended the activity. All staff and workers representatives of Mechanical Research Institute one hundred More than employees participated in the activity and shared the "dumpling lunch".

Composition of participants seven The competition is divided into "time dumpling competition" and "dumpling placement competition". As soon as the whistle blows at the beginning of the competition, the teams immediately enter the state, and the competition scene is hot and intense. All the members of the team are closely united and work together. They all show their own skills. It can be said that the eight immortals cross the sea and show their magic powers, Moon dumplings, triangle dumplings, Sijiao dumplings, Yuanbao dumplings, hand bag dumplings, wave dumplings, willow leaf dumplings and other shapes of dumplings vie to appear. The word "happy winter solstice" composed of different shapes of dumplings is particularly eye-catching In the end, the planning and financial assets team won the first place in the "time dumpling competition", and the industrial engineering team won the first place in the "word laying competition". The leaders of the academic department respectively presented prizes and souvenirs to everyone.

In everyone's laughter, plates of hot dumplings were put on the table, and the staff said that they tasted the dumplings made by themselves, felt the warmth of the family of the new school department, and had a strong entrepreneurial spirit.

This activity further enlivens the spare time life of the staff and workers, adds the festival atmosphere, cultivates the team spirit of everyone, promotes the communication and communication between the two colleges and universities, and enhances the cohesion and combat effectiveness. The deep integration of the academic department goes further.


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