Deheng forum held by Mechanical Engineering Department

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twelve month twenty-one On the morning of March, Deheng Forum - "looking back and merging" 2021, expectation two thousand and twenty-two ”The symposium was held in the conference room of Mechanical Research Institute. Xu Chonghai, director of the Department, attended and delivered a speech. Relevant leaders of the Department and heads of various departments attended the symposium.

At the forum, everyone reviewed the achievements of the development of the academic department since the integration of the two institutes. In particular, through the pairing of the "joint construction of branches", the mutual understanding was further deepened, and the perfect cooperation in the joint application of projects and the collection of undergraduate graduation projects could be found. The directors of each department also had a more in-depth exchange and communication on the next step of joint work, discussed and prospected the great prospects of mutual participation in projects, joint compilation of teaching materials, and joint training of talents two thousand and twenty-two Suggestions were put forward for the in-depth integration development of the year. Everyone expressed the need to strengthen in-depth exchanges, actively connect, smooth communication channels, establish a long-term mechanism of communication and liaison, realize the interconnection at any time, constantly broaden the cooperation fields, and create good achievements in teaching, scientific research and other fields, so as to contribute to the high-quality integrated development of the Department.

In his concluding speech, Xu Chonghai stressed that the research institute has rich industry resources and rich engineering technology background, and it has a group of influential scholars and "high-tech" groups. Through the "melting pot" of the academic department, the college fully "integrates" various advantages, and the mechanical engineering department has the foundation to become stronger and bigger. He asked everyone to focus on high-level discipline construction and high-quality personnel training, comprehensively improve the efficiency of serving the ecological protection, high-quality development and economic and social development of the Yellow River Basin. All departments should learn from each other's strengths and complement each other, tap the potential of cooperation, continuously promote the integration of science and education, comprehensively improve the quality and level of integration, and jointly create new achievements in science and education integration.

The theme of the forum was distinct and the discussion was warm, which further enhanced understanding, enhanced confidence and achieved the expected results.

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