A letter to 2022 mechanical postgraduate students

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Robot in test preparation:

In the name of struggle, go to the dream. two thousand and twenty-two The entrance examination for graduate students is about to start. The four-year plan and one-year struggle have reached the critical point. The Department of mechanical engineering wishes you all the best. Through wind and rain, you can meet your best self. May your eyes be full of joy and your heart will be full of sunshine!

1、 Scientific protection and compliance with epidemic prevention and control regulations

In recent years, the domestic epidemic situation has changed suddenly, and several transmission chains have spread. In Hangzhou, Ningbo, Xi'an and other places, the epidemic spread risk and prevention and control pressure continued to increase. From delta virus to Omicron, the epidemic situation changes constantly, and the responsibility of prevention and control is very important. Personal self-protection is related to the overall situation of epidemic prevention. First, it is necessary to apply for the "electronic health pass code of Shandong Province" in time, fill in the "health management information collection form" truthfully, and hand it in when entering the examination site in the first examination. The second is to hold the exam forty-eight Small When the nucleic acid test negative paper report to participate in the examination, nucleic acid detection results must be in the time twelve month twenty-three On the morning of May eight 00 After. Third, do a good job in personal protection, consciously accept body temperature measurement. Candidates must wear masks before entering the examination site and examination room. Fourth, we should follow the "two-point one-line" travel mode, "point-to-point" to and from the residence and test site, and try to take walking, riding, private car to and from the test site.

2、 Honest examination and strict discipline

Honesty is the foundation of life and the foundation of life. Postgraduate examination is not only a survey of knowledge and ability, but also a test of morality and integrity. Every examinee's honesty is the basis and premise to ensure the fairness and justice of the examination. First, we should eliminate external interference, abandon the fluke mentality, and put an end to the idea of violating discipline and cheating in examinations. Second, carefully read the rules of the examination room before the examination to avoid illegal behaviors such as bringing mobile phones and other communication tools into the examination room. Third, in the examination process, consciously abide by the examination discipline, with an honest attitude to obtain real results. Fourth, the examination time should be strictly in accordance with the test signal sent by the examination site. Do not take the test paper, answer sheet (including answer sheet, answer sheet, etc.) and draft paper out of the examination room. In the integrity test, there are you and me. I believe that robots will use action to maintain the fairness of the test, and hand in a full score answer paper for integrity examination.

3、 Go to the exam calmly and keep an optimistic attitude

Postgraduate entrance examination is a lonely and lonely practice. Learning to keep an optimistic attitude and go to the examination calmly is the basic quality of postgraduate candidates. One is to adjust the mood and go to the exam light. The closer the exam is, the more often confusion, pressure, fatigue and negation will linger in the heart. Only by adjusting the self mood and going to battle with light clothes can we bravely compete for the first place and become a master in the first World War. Second, strengthen self-confidence and reduce pressure. Once you, along the way, through the thorns, heart will be more determined, more brave. At the moment, you should strengthen self-confidence, maintain an optimistic attitude, believe that youth will have no regrets, admission will have you. No pains, no gains. Every postgraduate entrance examination person has a history of struggle. One year's hard work will lead to fruitful results.

Postgraduate entrance examination is not the end, but a new starting point. Please believe that sunshine always after the wind and rain, adhere to the heart, firm faith, the harder the more lucky! Ups and downs have been experienced, we will always accompany you around!


Always support your mechanical teachers and students

two thousand and twenty-one year twelve month twenty-three day

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